3 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Positive Body Image

Positive Body Image | Kids Positive Body Image | Build Confidence

“Look at those fat cheeks!”  “I love those chubby thighs!”  Kids hear these phrases from infancy.  It starts off sweet and endearing when we praise our babies for being more plump, but with all the attention on size it can turn negative.  As parents how can we teach kids to have a positive body image and not to focus on size?  Continue reading

How to Make Homemade Bread

Homemade bread recipe

Imagine this – warm homemade bread with butter melting on top.  Is your mouth watering?  Good news is you can make 6 loaves of homemade bread in about 3 hours.  Any meal planning and food prep dreamers out there?  Think French toast, toasted sandwiches, garlic bread, and more!  The possibilities are endless with 6 fresh loaves of bread!  Continue reading

How to Increase Your Child’s Compliant Behavior

How to Increase Compliant Behavior

Anyone out there tired of repeating yourself?   One of my goals this year is to yell less! I tend to escalate quickly as I ask for the second and third tenth time.  “Please brush your teeth” turns into “Get in here and brush your teeth, NOW” quickly.  This request is usually followed by complaints and groans (or worse) from my kids!  In order to make my goal of yelling less a reality, I am bringing back an easy reward system to encourage compliant behavior!  Continue reading

3 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine with Kids

Morning Routine Improvements Mrs Doing My Best

Anyone else dread mornings when you have to leave the house with kids at a decent hour completely dressed (yes, all of you)?  Ugh, I know I do.  Our family has gone through our ups and downs with morning departures.  The challenges started when my kids were toddlers, refusing to get dressed, a daily surprise at the request to brush teeth, and more.  Unfortunately, this continues (sorry for the bad news).  Kids protesting and parents yelling is a sure way to start the day off on the WRONG foot!  Here is the good news – you can make it easier!  Continue reading