We are Motherhood: My story of Motherhood and Anxiety

We are the Face of Motherhood

When you think of a new baby what are the first things that come to mind?  Bundles of pink or blue blankets, binkies, tiny diapers, itty bitty zip-front onesies, glowing face of a new mom?  There is so much joy in welcoming a new baby into your family.  After all the flowers wilt and the balloons fall from the ceiling, the reality of the joys and struggles of being a new mom becomes the reality.  Showers become a luxury, sleep is at a premium, and hormones are all over the place.  In today’s world, the pressure on moms is coming from all directions, everyone has the best advice on schedules, feeding, sleeping, swaddling, bathing.  New moms are sorting through advice from all angles while just trying to make a piece of toast.  As a new mom, I remember the overwhelming feeling of doing it the “right way”.  Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from a Dad’s Perspective

There is a holiday on the horizon…Father’s Day.  What are you going to get your baby daddy?  Here’s an interview with a dad of young children (my hubby) to give you the inside scoop.  Wondering what they are really thinking (Seinfeld clip on the subject) and what they really want for Father’s Day?  Here is a list of Father’s Day Gift Ideas from a dad’s perspective! Continue reading

The 5 Best Food Blogs You Need to Follow Today

Best Food Blogs You Need to Follow Today - Foodie Blogs -Meal Ideas - Food Bloggers

The secret is out…I love food.  I will never be the most innovative cook, but I love to read others’ ideas on cooking.  Following a variety of food bloggers gives me ideas for healthy dinners, easy snacks, and sinful desserts.  While my husband will remain the cook and baker for the family, I can still be the idea generator.  Here are the 5 best food blogs you should be following! Continue reading