3 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine with Kids

Anyone else dread mornings when you have to leave the house with kids at a decent hour completely dressed (yes, all of you)?  Ugh, I know I do.  Our family has gone through our ups and downs with morning departures.  The challenges started when my kids were toddlers, refusing to get dressed, a daily surprise at the request to brush teeth, and more.  Unfortunately, this continues (sorry for the bad news).  Kids protesting and parents yelling is a sure way to start the day off on the WRONG foot!  Here is the good news – you can make it easier!  Here are 3 ways to improve your morning routine with kids and get out the door with your sanity!

3 Ways to Improve your Morning Routine

1.  Prepare the night before.

Tell your kids what is coming as they are going to bed.  Have them repeat it back to you too!

Me:  Tomorrow is a school day.

My son:  OK.

Me:  What did I say about tomorrow?

My son:  I don’t know, what?

Sigh.  This happens.  Definitely make sure they are listening!

Next, prep anything that needs to be ready to go – Clothes, Backpack, Lunch, Water bottle, Shoes, etc.  Have it in the same spot each day.  For example, my son knows his clothes are on his toy box.  I have him pick out his clothes the night before.  Get them invested in the planning – DO NOT DO IT ALL FOR THEM (age appropriate decisions, obviously).

BONUS TIP:  Keep all clothes together in outfits in their drawers.  I started this for my kids when they were babies.  Each shirt has pants / skirt / etc. wrapped inside.  They grab a “packaged” outfit, underwear, and socks – ALL SET!

2.  Get yourself ready before you try to get your kid(s) ready.

Please do this.  Get ready before you try to get your kids ready.  I have made the mistake (repeatedly and  I am sure I will do it again), but I really try not to do this.  Here is how it goes when I lay in bed and try to get ready while I get the kids ready.

Me:  Are you getting ready?  Putting clothes on?

My kids:  Yes!

Me:  Great, thanks.

I walk down the hall and someone is naked with  one sock sitting in their bed playing Legos.  Then the  yelling starts! UGH, morning FAIL.  Bottom line, get ready before your kids (don’t forget your coffee).

3.  Create a schedule or list of expectations, put your kids in charge, and offer rewards.

Write down what you want your kids to do every morning.  I have a template to offer you for FREE (enter your email below)!  Then, put your kids in charge of their own morning!  Laminate it so that they can keep it in their room and reuse it each morning!  Offer rewards such as stickers (can be put on the laminated card) or a sucker at the end of the day or whatever motivates them!

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Our morning still have their challenges – obviously NOT perfect!  BUT these 3 steps have significantly helped our mornings from being terribly frustrating for everyone to a bad one every once in awhile.  I WILL TAKE IT!

38 thoughts on “3 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine with Kids

  1. Organization really is key. There really is nothing worse than being on a time crunch in the morning and feeling like EVERYTHING is going wrong because you didn’t have anything planned…speaking from experience, ha. I never really considered having kids repeat something back to you, and making sure they are prepared for the day ahead – really smart! Thanks for sharing <3

    1. It is such a little thing but the repeating of what I say is very helpful with my kids! Good luck!

  2. I always like the thought of getting up before my kids, but some days that extra 10-15 minutes of sleep is glorious! I used to be a morning person, but now, I am a night owl. I really need to switch it back up again and be a better morning person again.

    1. I am in the same boat! It is my #1 issue at the moment. I stay up too late working on my blog!!!

  3. I love the three simple steps. It is so hard to get up before the kids, but so important. When I was working outside of the home I had to get up about an hour before I got my daughter up so I could be ready on time.

  4. Love this! I always get myself ready before the kids,if not I would be getting them ready a second time because they would have misplaced their socks, shirt, underwear and one shoe! πŸ˜‚

    1. Good luck! I’m hoping for another positive morning getting out the door tomorrow! Maybe I won’t lose my keys in my own pocket like I did this morning :(!

    1. Yes! Involve them young too! They can start with little things like picking out clothes. The pictures on the checklist work from age 2 and up. We used them that early!

  5. Mornings in our house are always different. One day I will have a schedule to get out the door. These are great tips to get me there

    1. Try it! It used to be a huge struggle for us! 2 kids 15 months apart did not make it easy!

  6. Gack! I remember those days and how hard the mornings were. Such a great list–I wish I’d had one back in the day. The list of things they are responsible for…that’s perfect for teaching them now (and preparing them for later.)

    1. I hear you! Same story here! It makes such a difference though. I had a reminder this morning on how much it helps after being off a few days!

  7. Love this. The mornings are the worst for me! I’m already not a morning person, so I definitely struggle getting everyone out the door on time.

  8. Awesome tips, my guy just turned two, I will start using some of these, like get yourself ready first. I am always the last dressed and last out the door! Thanks for these!

  9. Today was the first time in way too long that I woke up super early to start the day… it made SUCH a difference! I had way more clarity to be more productive. Somewhere between the holidays I became a night owl staying up until almost 2am every day and waking when my son did. Definitely going to try to cut that out because it’s not working for me lol these are all great suggestions! Thank you!

    1. Same boat! I was up late over our staycation over the holidays! It is rough to get back into it! Great job today!

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