5 Christmas Prayers and Poems

Anyone prepared with a special poem to read on Christmas Eve?  How about a prayer to say before Christmas dinner with your family?  I have 5 Christmas Prayers and Poems to share with you today!  Pin this page OR bookmark it on your phone, and you will be all ready when you most need to be ready with your Christmas Prayer or Poem!

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”…who has not seen this classic Christmas movie?  If not please watch it TODAY!  The entire movie is hilarious, but there is a sweet scene on Christmas Eve where Clark sits down to read “The Night Before Christmas”.  What a great tradition to start with your family.

In addition to that sweet scene, there is a hilarious one following!  The family sits down to Christmas Eve dinner and prior to eating a prayer is requested from one of the eldest family members.  Soon, they are all reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  While the patriotic gesture is memorable that was not exactly what the family had in mind for a Christmas prayer.

Help yourself be ready with Prayers and/or Poems!  See the list below for poems to enjoy with family and friends and prayers to share before the big Christmas feast.

5 Christmas Prayers and Poems

#1 – Prayer:  “A Child’s Christmas Prayer“, author B. Muntz.  Prayer below is a great one for families with young kids!

Dear God, thank you for Christmas and Santa Claus
And the gifts he brings me each and every year
I know I have been good according to your laws
Even though I have made my parents shed a little tear

Keep Santa safe with sled and gifts packed
Bless the reindeer they are strong and fed
Thank you for the food I left Santa to snack
Let Santa know that the cookies are beside my bed

Please stop the wars in the world and people from fighting
Let them see your peace and a Christmas tree with lighting.
Bless all the poor children without Christmas or love
Let them know that Jesus is your gift to all from above.

Bless my family that I love so very dear
Let them know that in my heart they are near
Thank you God for all the gifts shiny and new
Be sure to tell Santa that I prayed for him too.


#2 – Prayer:  “Soundings, Vol. 2, #12“, author Robert Louis Stevenson.   I love this prayer for Christmas Eve.  A reminder of the reason for Christmas and to love ALL!  Spread Love!!!

Loving God, Help us remember the birth of Jesus,
that we may share in the song of the angels,
the gladness of the shepherds,
and worship of the wise men.

Close the door of hate
and open the door of love all over the world.
Let kindness come with every gift and good desires with every greeting.
Deliver us from evil by the blessing which Christ brings,
and teach us to be merry with clear hearts.

May the Christmas morning make us happy to be thy children,
and Christmas evening bring us to our beds with grateful thoughts,
forgiving and forgiven, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

#3 – Poem:  “Christmas Giving“, author Iris Bray.  This poem reminds you of what Christmas is all about.  The words are simple and can be understood by all ages.

Christmas is for giving
And for showing that we care,
For honoring the Christ Child
With the loving gifts we share.

The wise men gave of riches;
The shepherds, faith and love.
Each gift, in its own measure,
Was smiled on from above.

Let every gift be treasured;
Not always size or price
Determines the extent of love
And willing sacrifice

Handsome gifts with festive trim
Bring smiles of sweet content,
But modest gifts of humble means
are of times heaven sent.

Whether it be large or small,
Each gift will share in part
The message of true Christmas joy
If given from the heart!

#4 – Poem:  “Sweet Symbol“, author unknown.  Sweet poem about a candy cane, relating one of the most recognizable Christmas symbols to the reason for the season.

A significant symbol of Christmas
Is the simple candy cane.
It’s shape is the crook of the shepherd
One of the first who came.

The lively peppermint flavor is
The regal gift of spice.
The white is Jesus’ purity.
The red is sacrifice.

The narrow stripes are friendship.
And the nearness of his love.
Eternal, sweet compassion
A gift from God above.

The candy cane reminds us all
of how much God cared.
And like His Christmas gift to use
It’s meant to be broken and shared.

#5 – Poem:  “The Last Christmas Tree Poem“, author unknown.  This would be a great one to read on Christmas Eve or any time during the Christmas season to family and/or friends!  What a sweet story.

I saw a truck of Christmas trees
And each one had a tale,
The driver stood them in a row
And put them up for sale.

He strung some twinkly lights
And hung a sign up with a nail;
It said in red

He poured himself hot cocoa
In a steaming thermos cup,
And snowflakes started falling
As a family car pulled up.

A mom, a dad, and one small boy
Who looked no more than three
Jumped out and started searching
For the perfect Christmas tree.

The boy marched up and down the rows,
His nose high in the air;
It smells like Christmas, mom!
It smells like Christmas everywhere!

Let’s get the biggest tree we can!
A tree that’s ten miles high!
A tree to go right through our roof!
A tree to touch the sky!

A tree SO big
That Santa Claus
Will stop and stare and say,
“‘Now, THAT’S the finest Christmas tree
I’ve seen this Christmas Day!'”

It seemed they looked at every tree
At least three million times;
Dad shook them, pinched them, turned them ’round
To find the perfect pine.

I’ve found it, mom!
The Christmas tree I like the best of all!
It’s got a little bare spot,
But we’ll turn that to the wall!

We’ll put great-grandma’s angel
“On top the highest bough!
Oh, can we buy it?
Please, mom, PLEASE?!
Oh, can we buy it NOW?

“How ’bout some nice hot cocoa?”
Asked the man who owned the lot.
He twisted off the thermos top,
“Now, THIS will hit the spot!”

He poured the steaming chocolate
In three tiny paper cups.
They toasted,
“Here’s to Christmas!”
And they drank the cocoa up.

“Is this your choice?”
The tree man asked,
“This pine’s the best one here!”
The boy seemed sad—
My daddy says
The price is just too dear.

“Then, Merry Christmas!”
Said the man, who wrapped the tree in twine,
“It’s yours for just one promise
You must keep at Christmas time!”

On Christmas Eve at bedtime
As you fold your hands to pray,
Promise in your heart
To keep the joy of Christmas Day!

“Now hurry home!
This freezy wind
Is turning your cheeks pink!
And ask your dad
To trim that trunk and give that tree a drink!”

And so it went on
All that blustery eve
As the tree man gave
Tree upon tree upon tree

To every last person
Who came to the lot—
Who toasted with cocoa
In small paper cups,

Who promised the promise
Of joy in their hearts—
And singing out carols,
Drove off in the dark.

And when it was over
One tree stood alone;
But no one was left there
To give it a home.

The tree man put on his
Red parka and hood
And dragged the last Christmas tree
Out to the woods.

He left the pine right by a stream
In the cold,
So the wood’s homeless creatures
Could make it their home.

He smiled as he brushed off
Some snow from his beard,
When out of the thicket
A reindeer appeared.

He scratched that huge reindeer
On top his huge head—
“It looks like we’ve
Started up Christmas again!”

“There are miles more to travel,
And much more to do!
Let’s go home, my friend,
And get started anew!”

He looked to the sky
And heard jingle bells sound—
And then,
In a twinkling,
That tree man was gone!

Hopefully one of these 5 Christmas Prayers and Poems works for you!  Merry Christmas everyone!

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