7 Day Water Challenge

Who wants an EASY way to have more energy for FREE?   Look no further – I have an idea to help during the gluttonous holiday season!  Focus on your water intake for 7 days to feel better all around!

As we finished up Thanksgiving and geared up for the Christmas season, it became apparent I needed to make a change before I lost anymore energy!  It was never as obvious than the day I enjoyed more Diet Coke than water…if I had more than 8 ounces of water that day I would be surprised.

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Google helped me figure out how much water I need to drink.  The low end advised 64 ounces, but I knew this was the one change I was committing to so I wanted to go big.  I settled on 80+ ounces of water a day.  This is about 65% of my body weight.    This doesn’t take any time (except for bathroom breaks), and it is free!

For 7 days I drank 80-90 ounces of water.  This does not count any other beverages or food that may have contained water.

Each morning I started right away by filling up my glass.  I tend to drink more with a straw, so I added a straw to the cup.  When I planned to be home most of the day I measured out the water and put it in a pitcher in the fridge.  The helped as a visual of what needed to be consumed and how much was left to go!  On days that I was working or on the go I used my refillable water bottle.

I focused on consuming at least half of my water by mid-day.  This helped with the overnight interruptions!  The access to a bathroom is very necessary.  There were frequent breaks needed – each stop when running errands needed to have an accessible bathroom!

I did not change my other food intake or activity level.  Other liquids consumed during the week were one daily Diet Coke and wine (no comment on amount or frequency).  I am not a coffee or tea drinker, so nothing to change or eliminate there.

P.S.  I know Diet Coke is not a healthy choice.

P.S.S. I am not trying to be a hero by not drinking coffee or tea.  I do not like the taste.

Physical Changes during the 7 Day Water Challenge

  1. Increase in energy.  I noticed that I was not as tired – especially mid-afternoon when I usually start to feel a little sluggish.  I still had energy after the kids went to bed which felt like a miracle.
  2. Healthier skin.  I had a breakout right before I started the challenge (sparked part of my interest).  Overall, my skin felt softer, looked clearer, and my eyes had a few less fine wrinkles.  Overall, I had less of the “tired look”.
  3. Regularity improved.  Remember the book “Everyone Poops“, well it helps when you drink a lot of water!
  4. Less craving for caffeine.  I did not crave a Diet Coke mid-afternoon.
  5. No after dinner eating.  In general, I was less hungry.  I did not crave a snack after dinner. I ate less overall as a result of feeling fuller.

Finally, this challenge was a good reminder to drink more water.  I re-established the habit of consuming more water as the holiday season kicks into high gear (PHEW!).  Control what you can, right?  At least that will flush out some of the goodies filled with butter, cream cheese, and sugar or maybe it will balance out all the wine?!?

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