8 Easy Steps when your Child Throws up

Your son or daughter just got sick (possibly all over you), now what?!?  I have been down this road so many times that I have a formula to help them get over it quickly.  Stomach bugs move quickly through children, so you are in luck!  Follow a few easy steps, and they will be back to good health in no time! 

I am not a doctor or a nurse. 

I am sharing tips on what has worked for me when caring for my 2 children!  When in doubt, call your doctor!

When my children were under 2, they were sick ALL.THE.TIME.  It felt like once a week (and maybe it was).  My kids are 15 months apart, so for a few years I think the pediatrician nurse line may have known us by name (kidding, kind of).  After numerous bouts of who knows what, I have a formula that works when a child throws up!  The only problem?  We had a healthy year, so I better write it down quick!  Here is the inside scoop:

My experience and non-medical advice is to use this with kids that are 1 year or older. 

Situation:  Child throws up (probably, everywhere)

Steps to get healthy:

  1. Teach them where the toilet, trash can, or bowl is that you want them to use.  (This step is for your sanity.) Distract them with anything (screens are particularly helpful in keeping them in one location).  Watch them and direct them to the chosen location as needed.  This CAN be done.  Each of my kids walked to a toilet or trash can to throw up around 18 months – 2 years old.  They like saving the mess too!
  2. If they get sick at night, try to keep them upright and not put pressure on their tummies.  Nightime is so messy for throwing up.  Use towels on top of all soft surfaces.  God speed, and hope that it is morning soon. 
  3. Stop liquids and food until child has not thrown up for 30 minutes.  They may ask for drinks but resist.  If it hasn’t been 30 minutes, then chances are they will throw up whatever they drink.  Keep mindful for signs of dehydration such as no urine, dry mouth, and lethargy (beyond normal sick).  If you suspect dehydration call your doctor.
  4. Once your child has not thrown up for 30 minutes (as described in #2), then offer them 1 teaspoon heavy syrup from canned peaches (when my kids were young I kept a can in the pantry at all times), sprite (not diet, they need the sugar)with the bubbles stirred out, or Gatorade.  I find that the heavy syrup works amazingly, but my daughter won’t drink it :(.  Stuck with the other choices for her. 
  5. Once your child keeps the liquid down for 15 minutes, give them another teaspoon. 
  6. At this time I increase to every 5 minutes.
  7. I try to wait as long as possible for food…usually a few hours.  Then go slow.  Stay bland and avoid dairy.  I try to stick to BRAT (Bananas / Rice / Applesauce / Toast) or saltines at first.  
  8. After they have kept down a snack I try to get them to nap.  Then VOILA, it’s over. 

Honestly, these stomach bugs are fast for kids!  After my kids keep everything down and nap, we go back to normal food (plus I push yogurt or anything with good bacteria)!  Enjoy the snuggles and put on your favorite Disney movie!  It will be over before you know it!

8 Easy Steps to take when your child throws up | What to do what your child vomits | How to handle a kid throwing up | What to do when your baby throws up | Save for reference

8 Easy Steps to take when your child throws up | What to do what your child vomits | How to handle a kid throwing up | What to do when your baby throws up | Save for reference