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Hi! My name is Kendra.  I am a self-admitted perfectionist doing my best EVERY day.  I am obsessed with efficiency, organization, and my family.  In the evenings (or late morning), I enjoy sitting back and enjoying a glass (or bottle) of wine.

During my long drive to work (my alone time), I started this blog in my mind.  I was thinking about all the Moms out there that are doing their best everyday!  I started thinking about “doing my best” and MOMS….then it came to me…. Mrs. dOing My best is all about MOMS!

This blog is my creative outlet, and a way to share my life, obsession with organization, love of travel, passion for food, and how I try to keep it together every d*mn day.  I know my experiences and struggles are the same as yours, so why not learn from each other?!? 

The beginning of the Mrs….

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I was married in 2004 to Mr. Doing My Best. 

We traveled near and far before having kids in 2011.  In less than 18 months, we grew our family to include our 2 beautiful kiddos.   Our house was busy enough, but I couldn’t resist adding a puppy to the mix in early 2016.

During the week you can find me in corporate America (3 days/week) or at home making banana muffins in my jammies with my 2 adorable kiddos (2 days/week).  My family is my life.  Mr. Doing My Best is a hard working finance nut who loves to wrestle with the kiddos in the evenings and help me with my organization projects on the weekends.

Photo taken by CW Photography

I hope you will comment (or contact me at MrsDoingMyBest {at} gmail.com) and share your experiences as well!