Who wants to be a better mom next week?

The past week was rough.  I did my best BUT…. Why was I not the perfect mom I dreamt I would be?  Why wasn’t I the perfect mom I see in social media posts?  It was not the worst week, but I want to be a better mom next week!  My eyes hurt from staring at a computer all day, so I better make this quick.  

5 ways I will be a better mom next week:

  1. I will love my body.  After 30 days of healthy / clean eating and working out 6 days a week I saw virtually no 5 ways to be a better mom | Mom Guilt | Mom self-careresults in terms of inches or weight loss.  I will set my frustration aside, love the body I have, acknowledge the strength gained, and continue my work to be a better me.  What else can I do?  l can recommit to my goals of drinking more water.  Patience is a virtue, right?!?
  2. I will not beat myself up for being a working mom.  I work outside the home, so my kids need care while I work.  Pre-schools, schools and all of the options my husband and I have chosen teach them and help them grow.  I need to embrace it, and not fight it.
  3. I will let my kids have time to relax and veg out.  I am often so busy going from one place to the next I get burned out.  My kids MUST feel the same way.  I will let them have time to relax, veg out in front of the TV, or make a mess playing.
  4. I will yell less.  I will focus on positive reinforcement.  Using a positive mindset I will use the reward jar to encourage my kids, and I will address negative behavior with a calm, cool (non-emotional) self.  I will wake up early to avoid starting the day off in a rush.
  5. I will take time for myself.  I will take time to not work, not blog, not parent, and not stress.  I will try meditation (personal goal for a few weeks).  I will sit and watch a TV show (or 2), and I will not have the computer or my phone with me.

I bet you are an amazing mom!  How can you take it to the next level?  I would encourage you to write down at least one goal!  Write it on a sticky note and put it in a place you see every day. This visual reminder will help you work towards your goal.  Next – share it below!  I would love to hear from you!How to be a Better Mom | Happy Mom | Better Mom | Self Care


10 thoughts on “Who wants to be a better mom next week?

  1. These are great tips. I especially think the one about loving my body resonates the most with me because I will often say “I’m so fat” or similar comments, not thinking that that is negatively effecting the kids, but it is teaching them how to relate to their own bodies. Thanks!

    1. Yes! Especially when you think they aren’t listening….they are! That is a challenge for me!

  2. These are really good tips. A few years ago I had to change the way i felt about myself and what I say out loud about my body for my daughter sake. She use to repeat the things I said about my self to herself and would worry about eating habits.

  3. These are all great! You really can’t take care of others unless you take care of yourself too, so a focus on taking care of yourself is a good thing to do. Yelling less has been something I am working on as well.

    1. I am refocusing already. This morning was rough :(! I’m sticking to my goals and recommitting every minute!

    1. Yes! Lately that has been my drive to and from work which is just not enough!!!! Much improved this last weekend, and I felt the difference!

  4. Love these! I am guilty of yelling (a lot) my 5 year old is extremely defiant and stubborn and she’s a mini-me, unfortunately. I have been working on ways to redirect her behavior without blowing my lid.

    1. Same! My son (same age) has the same challenges! I am going back to the positive reinforcement reward system. Recommitting to it should help us all!

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