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Figuring out what is going on inside the mind of a child is a curious thing.  My kids share many things, but sometimes I am not sure what they are thinking!  We have found a FUN way to enhance our communication with the kids (and it even encourages thinking and learning – Shhhh don’t tell)!  WIN-WIN!  Let me tell you more about how the Boogie Board Writing Tablet has helped us, and it can help YOU!Boogie Board Writing Tablet - AWESOME - MUST BUY

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Before the gift giving holidays we came across a new toy at a friend’s house that my kids loved!  Kiddos thought it was cool to write and erase with a button that does the job to “clear the screen”. I thought it could be a learning opportunity encouraging them to write and read – YES PLEASE!  We added it to “the list” for potential gifts, and we were lucky enough to be given one (thanks grandparents)!

As we settled back into a routine, we found that the Boogie Board Writing Tablet was becoming a staple during the nighttime routine. My kindergartener loved to leave a note at night for mom or dad to read after he fell asleep.  Sometimes it was a picture, other times words, and often both!  It was great practice for him expressing himself, and a nice way to see what his little brain was thinking as his day came to an end. He encouraged us to “clear the screen” and leave him notes back.  Then, he tried to read our note on his own.  It became a wonderful dialogue of messages back and forth each night. 

Soon my daughter wanted to do it too! Practice printing at 4 years old is pretty exciting, and I have to say she is pretty good!  Sometimes I hate to clear the adorable messages, but she insists that we leave her a response!

Boogie Board Writing Tablet - AWESOME - MUST BUYOur communication back and forth has been sort of a modern day notebook between parents and kids.  It holds the attention of the young kids with the gimmick of technology (hey – whatever it takes).  Our notes help build them up as they wake up to start their day!  When the kids read “I love you” first thing in the morning maybe the mad rush out the door coupled with my shouting get your shoes on is not as traumatic (or helps my guilt)!

This is not a sponsored post.  I wanted to share the Boogie Board Writing Tablet with my readers since this has been such a great tool for us to increase communication and encourage learning!   The only negative is I wish we could save the sweet notes and picture that the kiddos make!  While this is not a sponsored post as we were given the Boogie Board Writing Tablets as Christmas gifts. This post includes some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.  I will receive a small fee (at no cost to you) when you decide to purchase this amazing product TODAY :)!


6 thoughts on “Boogie Board Writing Tablet

  1. I love the Boogie Board. My kids each have one and we use it mainly in the car (I don’t like them spending car rides glued to a screen). It’s a great alternative to pen and paper, especially in the car. My kids love writing notes to each other and drawing pictures.

    Thanks for the great review!

  2. Why I have I not heard of this before?? This sounds like such a wonderful idea (updated version of those “magic” lift and erase pads I had as a kid). Your kids leaving you notes is so adorable, and now I’m all mushy and want to get one for my daughter!

    1. Hi Jayme! Yes, I had not either until late last year! No idea how I missed it but yes so awesome! They are very affordable too! Your comment is a good reminder to go read my notes for tonight 🙂 Heart melt!

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