How to Create an Amazing Star Wars Party

In a galaxy far, far away there was a boy that loved Star Wars.  This boy was my son, and he was turning 5.  Star Wars party it would be.  Here are the details behind the party!

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He wanted his friends to experience Jedi training, inspired by his training at Hollywood Studios in Disney World (almost the same as at our house, ha).  Coming off our recent trip  in April 2016, the ideas were flowing (see my tips for Disney World trips here).   After determining the main activities of the party (Jedi training and swimming), date, and times, we needed an

My go to for invitations is usually Etsy, but I decided to do it myself (with the help of Mr. Doing My Best, of course).  Free template here for this invitation!  After determining the theme and designing the invitation, it was time to dig into the details:  games, food, and decorations.

Games – Jedi training

Jedi Robes and Light Sabers

The party started with fun!  Each kiddo received a Jedi robe (felt folded in half with a hole cut out for their head and belt- instructions here) and light saber (pool noodle cut in half with tape at the bottom for the handle – instructions here).  There was some immediate battling as all the young Jedis were dressed for their training.  We quickly moved out to the yard where the Star Wars Jedi training obstacle course awaited. star-wars-jedi-obstacle-course-2star-wars-jedi-obstacle-course

Jedi Obstacle Course

The Jedi obstacle course was designed using things we had around the house – a climber, folding chairs, a trampoline, stone blocks, construction fencing, pop up tent, balls, etc.  The course design was climb through the tunnel, jump on the trampoline 3 times, climb up and slide down the fort, walk through the “hot lava” (see picture below of demonstration), under the board, over the chairs, throw a ball in a tent, and done! training-in-session-star-wars-party

obstacle-course-mrsdoingmybestMr. Doing My Best explained to all the young Jedi that they would be responsible for running the course before any additional training.  They went one by one until all had completed the obstacle course (cheers from the parent audience).

Jedi Training

All young Jedis gathered together for the final Jedi training by Mr. Doing My Best (including how to hold their light saber, light saber maneuvering, Jedi body positioning, and overall successful battling techniques).

As the training continued, I pulled the birthday boy aside to change into his Darth Vader costume (all part of our plan).  After he was dressed and ready, he emerged from the house while Mr. Doing My Best announced that one of the young Jedi had turned to the dark side.  IT WAS AWESOME!  My son loved it, and the kids and parents thought it was really funny!  My son came out and battled each of his friends!  After birthday-boy-star-wars-partysibling-battle-star-wars-partycrazy light saber attacks on Mr. Doing My Best the training was complete.  Each kiddo took their costume and pool noodle home!  After the Jedi training was complete everyone moved on to food and swimming!


I love to name my food, and this party was no exception.  I made small tent cards to put the name of each food on next to each platter.  Below is a list of all the food and drinks:

  1. Ham Solo Sandwiches (assorted Jimmy John’s sandwiches)
  2. Light sabers (pretzel rods and skewered fruit)
  3. Yodamole (guacamole) with Trooper Scoopers (tortilla scoop chips)decorations-hanging-jedi-costumes-mrsdoingmybest
  4. Vader Veggies
  5. Padawan Popcorn
  6. Jabba Juice Boxes
  7. Cupcakes with light sabers on top (bought here)


balloons-mrsdoingmybestThe area was ready for the party using red and blue balloons filled with helium, red and blue streamers, happy birthday sign, extra light sabers, and a huge life-sized storm trooper

Huge fail on my lack of pictures of named food and decorations.  We were running around like crazy people up until the start of the party, ugh!  I am including what we captured, but I am missing SO much.  #MOMFAIL

BUT, the party overall was a HUGE success.  The kids had tons of fun (and very serious about the training), and the parents had fun watching.  Everyone had fun swimming while enjoying some food and beverages (alcoholic beverages were served but were not Star Wars named – it just felt wrong).  Plan your Star Wars party today!  Comment below on your creative ideas for a Star Wars party (or party planning in general)!

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  1. I gotta say, I am TOTALLY into party planning. I can’t wait until my little guy gets older and I get to do cooler parties for him. His first birthday was “Sesame Street Teaches Colors.” (I have a post about it on my blog). But he’s one…there’s only so much he can do for activities! The Star Wars Jedi training looks AWESOME. He must have loved that. Way to go, Mama!

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