How to Create Lego Storage

Have you experienced the pain of stepping on a Lego?  Lego sets taking over your house? You are in luck!  I am giving you FREE plans on how to create Lego storage!  You can make a place to store your Legos and create a place for your Lego engineer to create one of his or her amazing creations!

About 2 years ago I thought my son was going to skip over the Lego obsession, but around the age of 4 years old it hit!  Legos were at the top of his “must have list” for holidays and birthdays!  My self-proclaimed obsessive behavior kicked in!  I will keep all sets in plastic storage bags with the instructions safely sealed inside with the creation.  This approach worked for a few weeks (or hours), but then the collection grew.  Suddenly, he wanted to have multiple sets out at the same time, crashing them together, pieces breaking off…

I began to sweat.  Next, I needed a drink.  Clearly I was going to need more of a solution than plastic storage bags!  I scoured the internet (let’s be honest – Pinterest) searching for the perfect plans to fix this Lego epidemic.  Surely, I could not be the first with this issue!  I found a few versions of Lego tables and storage and quickly realized we would need a version of our own!

I explained the growing Lego “problem” and enlisted the help of Mr. Doing My Best, over a drink.  I showed him what I had found in my research and described my must haves for this table.

Table Requirements:

  1. Lego table must roll under bed (fits under full size bed)
  2. Multiple large storage bins for legos
  3. Lego surface where he can build
  4. Wheels to move it easily under the bed
  5. Handle to roll the storage table
  6. Strong enough to support my son’s weight when he decides to sit on it

His amazing brain went to work, and soon we had a version that would work for us (me)!  My husband made a trip to our nearest hardware store, and I went on amazon to secure the Lego baseplates (often on lightening deals on Amazon)!  He estimates the table took him about 8-10 working hours.  This is probably very dependent on skill level.  Regardless, we have created these plans for YOU!  You can download them today for FREE!

Legos are SO amazing (building imagination, brain development, problem solving, direction following), but this self-proclaimed Type A mom was hyperventilating as the Leg explosion ensued.  Truly this was a gift for me as much as it was for my son!  Enjoy the FREE downloadable plans TODAY!  Enter your name and email below, and you will see a link directly below to download for your use.  HAVE FUN!

16 thoughts on “How to Create Lego Storage

  1. We have all my sons/husbands lego’s in storage bins. We have a ridiculous amount of them xD I wish we had less so I could do something cute like this LOL

    1. You can! You would be surprised how many Legos fits in those bins. Plus – then kiddos can play with them easily!

    1. They are everywhere but so great for their minds! This has been such a helpful tool to keep the Legos all together and allow him to easily see them and play!

  2. We have Mega blocks to Legos that take over our house. I love creativity of they offer, but hate the clean up/storage. These are great ideas.

  3. This is SO awesome and adorable! My 21 month old got his very first set of Legos for Christmas, and he is absolutely loving them. I see many years of cleaning legos off the floor in my future, haha! Keeping this in mind for when he gets older. Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Wow that is so great! I’m impressed he loves them all ready! You are in for the long haul!!! Get ready 😉

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