Girly Room: Pink, White, and Beautiful

When I heard “It’s a girl”, I knew that there was plenty of shopping and pink in my future!  The originalp1140656 nursery worked for a few years.  BUT, then it was time for the big girl bed and my mind was full of ideas (and Pinterest was full of pins)!  Mr. Doing My Best was happy  to oblige to help implement my Pinterest board of ideas that I had integrated together to make my girl the best room ever!  I am going to walk through the room and how it came together!

Overall, the theme is modern girly.

The first thing to dp1140622ecide was color scheme!  The top of the previously made toy box (thank you Mr. Doing My Best!) had a cushioned seat with some great fabric that I had picked up knowing that one day the room would get a full update!  Based on the fabric, the colors would be 2 shades of pink, lime green, and bright turquoise!  I loved the poppy colors, and we painted the room white to let the color be in the furniture and décor!

The toy box was made based on Pinterest finds.  Here is the plan we p1140621used.  We added “Toys” instead of my daughter’s name, and we added a cushioned top.  The only improvement that I would suggest would be a slow close top…otherwise there are bound to be a few injuries (though we have survived them).


Another big decision was furniture!  We went white to keep the color popping!  Mr. Doing My Best wanted a furniture challenge, so he took on the construction of the bed and dresser.

The bed was designed as a version a bed I saw at Land of Nod.  A daybed style worked best since her room was limited on furniture placement based on the size of the room, large window on one wall, and closet on p1140669the other wall. We placed the bed on the back wall which allowed for more space for play!  The rope handles were switched out for crystal handles to keep it extra girly!  This style of bed provides extra storage which is wonderful!  I keep extra sheets and alternate season clothes in the drawers.  The open storage allows for a few books and trinkets to be available in her room without clutter!  We added a bright pink comforter from Target and some throw pillows to bring in the other colors!  My daughter likes “Hello Kitty” at the moment, so hidden under that cute, modern comforter are character sheets!

p1140667Next piece of furniture was the dresser.  This dresser is available through Ikea (looks like now it is only available in Great Britain???), but my overachiever husband wanted to try it at home.  He used the measurements provided in the Ikea version, and off he went with recreation!  We found a blog that had styled the dresser similarly, you can see their version here.  The fabric from the toy box was really helpful when deciding the color scheme for the dresser, and the unique pulls (bought a few extra for the closet!)made the dresser look even more unique!  The drawers are really deep!  We love this piece, and it gives the room a lot of character!


After the furniture was decided we needed to add some girly décor!  A bright turquoise rug softened up the room.  This shaggy, soft, and inexpensive find was at Target, “Room Essentials” brand.  It has worked perfect for her room!  We added an antique mirror I had in another room.  It was originally black and gold, so we spray painted it pink and set it above the dresser so my daughter could use it at her height!  The original nursery had some lanterns hanging over the original dresser, so we added a few new colors!  Love these because they add some height to the room!  I usually grab these at a local crafty store or order them on Amazon (the return policy is so great if the color does not match!).

p1140630Wall décor was a fun one too!  Once we figured out colors, I asked a friend to cut out polka dots of vinyl (3″ diameter) in the colors we chose.  She claims this was really easy to do using her crafty vinyl cutting machine.  The polka dots were put on the wall above the bed in a “falling down” type of pattern.  I started heavier at the top and then spaced them out more as I went down the wall.  The look turned out to be exactly what I was hoping for when finished…eeek….can’t say that always happens!

We wanted one more piece of wall décor next to the dresser.  Back to Pinterest I went where I found a great crafty project for Mr. Doing My Best to execute!  I searched “nail wall art”, and there were so many ideas!  We went with a multi-tone pink string in the shape of a heart.  He cut the wood, painted it white, hammered nails in the heart formation, and then wrapped the string.  Quick and pretty!

p1140649After a few months I got the itch to add to her room!  I wanted a “nightstand” without giving up the space, so I found this Ikea hack (go to hack #24)!  This was a super easy project (and cheap!).

Last was another Ikea hack off Pinterest! Ikea spice rack, turned upside p1140623down, painted, and you have an adorable spot to display and organize a few of the pretty “dress-up” dresses that had been collected over the last few years.  Located next to the beautifully created nail art of Mr. Doing My Best and next to the adorable suitcase dollhouse that my dad had made for my daughter last Christmas.

Finally, the room looked complete! Of course, there are some doll beds scattered in the room and toys that come out of the toy box, but generally the room has a place for everything (this keeps me sane)!  This room is a favorite in my house!  It feels happy!  Hope these ideas help as you decorate one of your rooms!  Share in the comments what works best for you!



20 thoughts on “Girly Room: Pink, White, and Beautiful

  1. This is very cute and stylish. Yet not over complicated. I need to simplify my girls room like this! They would love it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. My husband has made 4 of them! He is pretty handy, but says they are not too hard! We have done them with and without the cushioned seat top. All turned out great! We use one as a bench to store toys in our living area, painted in neutral color! Let me know if you try it out!

  2. That room is adorable!!! Your husband seems very handy as well! My FIL is a carpenter, but i doubt he would have time to build much. I’m currently trying to come up with shared room ideas for my 4 year old daughter and 3 month old son….

    1. Thanks! Maybe he could build it for a kiddo’s birthday? Shared room ideas…hmmmm. My best friend had a shared room for kiddos around those same ages but that was years ago. I know it was geometrics (not gender specific) and she had some girlier colored pillows on the bed. Good luck! Hope you share the final results :)! I love thinking through that stuff so reach out anytime!

  3. I love the color theme. We made it pallet wall in my daughter’s and painted a couple boards in a similar blue, pink, and green. We went with blue for the walls.

  4. absolutely beautiful! I have all boys so there is NO pink in my house – maybe that helps me appreciate this even more!

  5. This room is looks very elegant. It makes me wish I had a little girl to decorate for. We are blue all the way in this household lol. I really do love the way you decorated this.

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