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My kids are growing up WAY too fast!  I want to preserve all the memories, and I found a new tool to help me keep up and stay organized!  Happy Dance!!!  Check out the details below to find out how Keepy can help YOU  (Heads up:  GIVEAWAY opportunity below) be organized and preserve family memories that you can look back on for years to come!

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Anyone else experiencing the mass amounts of papers and artwork that comes home daily in backpacks?!?  I love to see all the hard work and creations but figuring out where to go with everything is challenging (especially for my recovering perfectionist self).  A few years ago we created an awesome spot in our kitchen to put everything on display. 

My kids love to see all their treasures displayed, but our lovely display can only hold so much (and this mama can only take so much clutter – the max is above).  As the papers come down some or most of them inevitably make their way to “paper heaven” i.e. recycle bin.  I usually have to hide the papers in the bin so my sweet babies do not have their feelings hurt. Are you thinking “Isn’t there something else you can do to preserve these treasures?”  Yes, you are right!  This is where the Keepy comes into play.

Keeping Memories with Keepy | Memory Keeper | Organize Kids Schoolwork and artwork | Electronic Organization | Gift Ideas

Check out this video below to see what it can do to help YOU stay organized:

Easy to Order Gifts

Now you are ready to download it (iOS, Android, and Kindle friendly) and use it…I understand your excitement, but WAIT it gets better! Once you add your pictures or videos to Keepy they are referred to as “Keepies”, then you can use your Keepies to order awesome and unique gifts for anyone. Ahem, Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  You select the Keepies you would like to include from the app, and you are able to order a variety of gifts (picture books, mugs, calendars, and many other options) directly from your phone.

Keepy is FREE up to 5 pictures / videos a month or a very small fee for unlimited pictures or videos (plan includes 50% off photo gifts).  Either plan will allow you to download pictures of schoolwork or artwork each month and then have a lovely book each year to highlight your child’s accomplishments.  I only wish I would have done this starting in preschool…the mountains of paper and artwork begins early!!! Keeping Memories with Keepy | Memory Keeper | Organize Kids Schoolwork and artwork | Electronic Organization | Gift Ideas

The other way I love to use Keepy is recording a audio snipet to go with pictures.  For example, I have the kiddos decked out in their St. Patrick’s gear (picture posted to Instagram initially), and added audio of the kids talking about what we were doing that day!  Great way to remember special moments.  PLUS – you can send through Keepy to share.  You can share manually (including social media) OR you can add family members onKeepy as a private way to share pictures.


Bottom line…so many ways to use Keepy to stay organized and preserve your memories!  Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!  6 lucky followers will win a $50 gift card to spend at the Keepy Print Store on photo gifts (US and Canadian residents only).  What could you do with a gift card?  Order a Mother’s Day gift (for yourself or a grandparent), a Father’s Day gift, birthday gifts or even get ahead for the holiday season!  Take a minute and register based on the instructions below by Saturday, April 22nd!  Winners will be notified by end of day Monday, April 24th.  Winners will have 24 hours to respond via email to me.  After winners confirm via email, Keepy will contact them directly with the $50 gift card!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy Keepy!

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45 thoughts on “Keeping Memories with Keepy

  1. Wow this is really cool! I love that you can share it and people can respond! This would be great for family members out of state or anywhere. What a great tool! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. “Anyone else experiencing the mass amounts of papers and artwork that comes home daily in backpacks?!”
    Lord, yes!!!!! So much guilt in throwing away art sometimes!

  3. My oldest brings home so many *lovely* pieces of art work that are currently sitting in a box in his room. He doesn’t want to throw them out because they mean something to him, I need this, he needs this. I’ll have to download this!

  4. I have so many pictures of my two kiddos art work. I would love to make a book out of them. Thanks for the information and giveaway!

  5. I save everything that my four kids have. I would love to have a place to store it all that isn’t a huge box (boxes) in my hallway!

  6. I would definitely love to make a photo book! I have 3 littles under 8 and it 2ould be awesome to capture our memories in a book. 🙂

  7. This is really great. I love the record feature. The photo book would be great to get.

  8. I am most excited about ordering a Mother’s Day gift for my mom if win the $50 gift card 😉
    Thank You for the chance!

  9. Love this:) Tons of artwork stashed in closets and drawers to keepy. Great for gifting to family members too!!

  10. I love scrapbooking. And lately my son has been helping. This gift card would come in handy for us! Thank you for the chance.

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