How to Rock Kindergarten

Kindergarteners have SO much to learn at 5 or 6 years old.  Believe me…I have experienced it first hand with my son this year!  My daughter will be starting kindergarten in a little over a year.  After seeing what they learn, I know she will be even more ready since I know what to expect.  If you are unsure about what to expect or have a child entering kindergarten for the first time, then I can share a great tool that will get your preschooler ready to ROCK Kindergarten. 

I received a free Kindergarten Toolkit in exchange for writing a review on the blog. 

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I received my Kindergarten Toolkit earlier this month. I flipped through the toolkit lesson booklet as soon as it arrived, and I could quickly tell that it hit all the skills needed in early kindergarten. You want your child to be academically ready or ahead so that they can adjust to all the other demands that a formal school day brings!  The transition to kindergarten is SO MUCH MORE than academics.  The following is a recap of our experience.

The Toolkit included the following:

  1. The Toolkit Booklet
  2. Upper and lower case letter flashcards (2-sided; ex. “A” on one side, “a” on the other side)
  3. Numbers 1-20 flashcards (2-sided; 1-10 on one side and 11-20 on the other side)
  4. 25 Kindergarten sight word flashcards (1-sided)
  5. 10 color and shape flashcards (2 sided; picture of a colored shape on one side and name on the other side)
  6. 8×11 Whiteboard
  7. Whiteboard marker
  8. Whiteboard eraser
  9. Sidewalk chalk

Everything in the toolkit is designed to work together to accomplish the 10 main goals in the Toolkit Booklet. There are 3-4 mini lessons for each of the 10 goals in the booklet. The flash cards are coated cardstock (do not write on these – whoops).  My kids favorite – the whiteboard!!!  They played school straight away!  My kindergartener encouraged my preschooler to write her alphabet on the whiteboard.  It worked out great.  I will be integrating the Boogie Board Writing Tablet (recent blog post about this product here).  I expect this to be another way to practice letters, numbers and words using the flashcards.

The best part of this toolkit is the Kindergarten Toolkit Lesson Booklet, which is also sold separately. It is less expensive to buy just the booklet but depending on your budget it may be worth buying it all to save you the time!  You will definitely need flashcards (these or homemade) and a whiteboard.  The mini lessons support each of the 10 goals, and they are great easy ways to make learning quick and fun!  The lessons even include suggestions to incorporate learning on the go. 

One big question is when to start preparing for kindergarten!  This is very dependent on your child.  My daughter could have started preparing with this toolkit at 2 or 3.  My son was not ready until around 4.  Each child is so different, but an early introduction will not hurt!   Keep it fun and stress free for everyone!

If you are a DIY type you could make flashcards yourself (mine would not be as nice without access to a laminator).  In addition, you could make a similar plan or booklet with some research.  As a new kindergarten parent I would not have been able to lay out these steps as well (or at all).  The booklet explains where to start and how to progress.  None of it is rocket science but without a background in teaching I would not be able to have a concise plan such as that laid out in the Kindergarten Toolkit Lesson Booklet!

If you have the money the investment in this product gives you a roadmap to have your child academically ready for kindergarten in about 30 minutes a week. I have a discount code to share with you today that will save you $10 off the Kindergarten Toolkit or the Kindergarten Toolkit Lesson Booklet.  Enter Thanks10 when checking out on Etsy

How to Help your Child Rock Kindergarten | Kindergarten Prep | Kindergarten Readiness | Preschool Learning

How to Help your Child Rock Kindergarten | Kindergarten Prep | Kindergarten Readiness | Preschool Learning

9 thoughts on “How to Rock Kindergarten

  1. My son started kinder at 4, and i remember investing in some preschool contents to help him with learning on what theyll most likely cover at school! He learned how to write before hand (a lefty at that), read (loved reading), and he gained social skills by spending a few hours at a daycare. It was good for him. In two and three years, ill have two more that’ll be going through this experience. Its definitely a plus to invest into some a kit that provides learning before school. It just helps them prepare and know what types of learning tools they’ll work with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My toddler is just starting to learn letters. I will have to keep this post around for when he reaches kindergarten! I would love to make these flashcards!

    1. Yes! You will want to start working to get your little one ready as he gets closer (this tool provides shape, letter, number, and word flashcards). The best part of this kit is how it leads you through how to master each of the 10 main lessons. How to start little and build!

    1. Yes! The process of getting them ready for kindergarten takes time too. Don’t wait too long, doing a little at a time keeps it fun!

  3. What an awesome kit! My daughter is about to turn 3 but I will definitely be looking to this in the future. Thank you so much!!

    1. 3 is a great age to start with shapes and letter identification. My less than 4 1/2 year old is now reading using site words and sounds. It is amazing what they can do with the right basics!

  4. It’s really so important to help prepare your kiddos for school, that way it’s not a huge shock! My 2 year old has been doing great with letter and number identification, so this kit may even come in handy for us!! Thanks for sharing! <3

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