How to Make Rustic Candles

Who wants a project to make your home bright and cheery PLUS unique gifts for family and friends?!?  You are in luck! I recently crafted some rustic candles for my dad’s surprise birthday party (upcoming blog post), and I will share all my “how to” ideas with you NOW!

What to Buy

First, this was not expensive!  I bought most of my supplies at the Dollar Tree!

I bought a variety of different size candles from tealights to 6″ candle (mainly from Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby).  The different candle heights displayed together make the look…now to add some rustic charm!

I gathered the following from the Dollar Tree to wrap around the candles:

  1. Burlap Ribbon – tan – one width – do not plan to cut to prevent fraying
  2. Burlap Ribbon – dark brown – adjustable width – can cut easily for different candle sizes
  3. Straw like ribbon or natural raffia – used on all candles
  4. Glue spots – to attach ribbon

Rustic Transformation

Wrap the candles differently.  Shorter candles were wrapped with only the straw like ribbon or a combination of the dark brown   rustic-candles-mrsdoingmybest burlap and straw like ribbon.  Larger candles were layered with the tan burlap ribbon, dark brown burlap ribbon, and straw like ribbon.  Attach the ribbon using the glue spots – I recently learned about these little gems!  They were awesome.  You could use hot glue instead, but if you have any help from your kiddo I would stick with the glue spots!  Variety is what made the candles look cool, so try to relax and have fun with it.  All candles should be different!

How to use for Decorating

layered-cake-plates-mrsdoingmybestAs mentioned above, the original project was for a party and presentation was important!  When you decorate your home look at how the different candle heights work together – you want variety!  Next, think about where you want to display them.  Using cake plates, mirrors, or other candle stands makes for a cohesive statement.  My amazing sister-in-law has a collection of antique cake plates – which worked great for completing the look.

Luckily there were different size cake plates so layering worked out beautifully.  We added some Floral Moss (not on the list above – as this is a add on) to put on the cake plate between candles.  I had some leftover faux flowers from a previous project that we did at my daughter’s birthday party (flower hair clip activity), and the flowers were placed in the moss around the candles for color.


If giving the rustic candles as a gift consider combining multiple candles (different heights and sizes) together and wrapping it together with some jute cord.  You could even include a glass mirror or alternative plate for the recipient to display the rustic candles in their home!

Lesson Learned

Consider buying nicer candles so they do not melt rapidly.  While these candles looked very pretty to start, they melted quickly and messily (not sure that is even a word but you get the picture)!  Melted wax is easy to clean up but the beauty melted in about an hour.  I would definitely buy slower melting candles next time!


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