Plan a Trip: Free Packing Lists

Traveling with kids can be hard BUT do it anyway!  Yes, packing is required.  Yes, kids complain when stuck in a car (I am probably worse than your kids).  Yes, doing the laundry to recover after a trip is overwhelming.  BUT between all these hard parts the time together is so AMAZING.  Everyone needs a break from the daily grind, and you taking the break as a family gives you time to bond.  The memories that are made during this time together are SO special!  Plan a get-away today for the perfect vacation and get ready using my FREE packing lists!

Where to go???

Keep in mind the destination is not all that important (kids just want to spend time with you).  Here are some ideas that range from low cost to start saving now!  You can pick what works for you and your family!

FREE Packing Lists - Download NOW Embrace Today - Family Vacation


Back-yard to nearby camping site works.  Spending a night out under the starts is a great low cost option, but it does require a little more packing.  Camping is a great choice for when the weather is mild by day and night, and your family being in the middle of nature gives you extra time to explore!  Plus, sleeping in a tent together is about as close as it gets!

FREE Packing Lists - Download NOW Embrace Today - Family Vacation

Outdoor Adventure

Tents to rustic for your family?  Try a cabin in a wooded or mountainous area to explore nature!  Hiking is a great way to get energy out of preschoolers and up!  If you have a younger one try to get (maybe you could borrow) a backpack carrier!

Local Hotel Overnight

Book a night at your local hotel, motel, Holiday Inn (I hope you sang that in your head to the tune Nelly). Pick a place that has an indoor pool if your kids enjoy swimming!  Pack some board games, snacks, and must-haves to enjoy a night away

Beach Vacation

Which is closest to you?  Spend less time in the car and more time on the beach!  West Coast? East Coast?  Gulf Coast?  Lake Michigan?  Local lake?  Plan a long weekend or week to get away and play by the water and build sand castles. 

FREE Packing Lists - Download NOW Embrace Today - Family Vacation

Explore a new country

Near or far what a great opportunity to teach your kids about different cultures and diversity!  We took our 7 month old son “across the pond”, otherwise known as the Atlantic Ocean, and he did amazing.  We can’t wait to go back in a year or 2 to explore with both kids!

Packing List

Do not panic!  I have you covered!  I am going to provide you FREE printable travel packing lists below!  There is one for babies and up!  You can grab your suitcase, the FREE packing list, and start checking things off the list!  I will have blanks for quantities of items.  You have to decide if you need 3 or 8 outfits, but when you are making this decision remember it is better to have a little extra than not enough!  How much space does an extra pair of socks and underwear really take up??? 

TIP:  Do NOT try to be a hero.  Strangers may be judging but WHO CARES!  Your job is to enjoy your trip and keep your child from freaking out during the travel.  A crowded airplane ride is not the time to be the mom that has a strict rule of 30 minutes of screen time per day.  A long car ride is not the time to get upset if your kid eats too many snacks.  Do what works!  This is vacation, so let yourself (and your family) relax! 

Packing list sneak peaks are below.  Enter your email and download them all to use!  HAVE A GREAT TRIP!

FREE Packing Lists - Download NOW Embrace Today - Family Vacation


12 thoughts on “Plan a Trip: Free Packing Lists

  1. Love that you’re helping moms stress less!! I know that trips are so stressful especially when you are the one that has to plan everything, pack everything and make sure everything goes right during the trip. So thank you!

    1. I am sure trying! I know a list when I travel is a MUST! I remember from when they were babies and toddlers it was even more necessary! I loved my must haves, so I thought why not share!!!

    1. Thanks! I hope everyone plans a trip! We enjoy that family time so much!!!!

  2. We plan on doing the beach and camping this summer. I want to do more fun family trips like that. We might start with back yard camping though to see how the kids handle it lol

    1. We took our first camping trip as a family last year, and we had a blast!

  3. I love packing lists! I have my own already and rely on them every year. We venture “up north” to the family cabin and I update the list annually and save for the next year. It has been a total time and sanity saver.

  4. These tips are the best! We moved 3.5 hrs away and we travel back for the weekend at least 2x a month. And organization is key! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ha! I hear you…so much is a learning process! You probably have it down now 😉

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