Princess Elena of Avalor Birthday Party

I love Party Planning!  That is it…not everyone does…but this crazy Mom likes it.  The party’s theme was an easy one!  My daughter is OBSESSED with Elena of Avalor, a newish Disney Junior show, so this had to be the theme!  I found a few ideas (on Pinterest, of course), added my ideas, and the combination worked out great!  Here are the details:

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  1. Etsy is my go to for personalized birthday invitations!  I chose an invitation from Etsy, personalized, and mailed it out to all the other princesses!  I chose and invitation with a picture, and I love having a snapshot of what they were into on that birthday and picture of them at that age!
  2. The internet and Pinterest provided several ideas on food, activities, and decorations.
  3. I finalized details on food.  Normally, I like to name each food related to the theme.  For example, for a “Frozen” theme I would do “Olaf Noses” for carrots, “Frozen Hearts” for white chocolate dipped strawberries, etc.  For this party, I decided to do a Mexican food theme since Elena is a Latina princess and forgo the named food.  I debated catering or doing it myself, and I decided for the money, it was very doable to take care of it myself.  The menu was planned:
    1. Marinated flank steak, grilledisla-party-fruit
    2. Marinated chicken in the crock pot
    3. Black beans
    4. Spanish Rice
    5. Corn
    6. White Queso Cheese
    7. Red Peppers
    8. Guacamole
    9. Salsa
    10. Sour Cream (I always substitute plain greek yogurt)
    11. Tortillas (hard and soft) and Tortilla chips (for nachos, tacos or burritos)
    12. Bright fruit tray
  4. CAKE!  I ordered a sheet cake from Costco…you can’t beat the taste or the price!  We chose one of the fall designs with brightly colored flowers in true Elena of Avalor spirit!
  5. Activities for the party were decided!isla-coloring-tables
    1. Making a flower clip with all the princesses at the party!  We did a trial run with the family the night before.  It was pretty easy, and we followed the directions at this website with the  exception of poking a hole.  That part we didn’t find was necessary (thank goodness because it could have been an issue for little hands!). You will need metal hair clips, glue dots, and your choice of silk flowers and/or leaves. My son “assisted” the girls.  Win, win.  He felt important, and they really did need some help!
    2. Coloring!  We had table runners and individual color sheets for the girls to enjoy.  This was a good side activity as girls finished making the flower clips.
    3. The piñata was a hit, and the kids loved the challenge (and the candy)!porch-bday
  6. Decorations were pretty simple!  Bright colored paper plates, cups, and napkins fit the theme. Orange cups, red plates, pink cake plates, yellow napkins, and we were all set!  We used some crepe paper for streamers, happy birthday sign, brightly colored flowers,  pink/red/orange balloons filled with helium, and we were set!

The birthday girl had a great 4th birthday.  Elena of Avalor party – CHECK!





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  1. This is so adorable!!! All the food truly sounds delicious, and I love that you had a coloring table – how fun! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Birthday to Elena <3

    1. Thank you! We all had a great time! The flower hair clip was a big hit too! Thanks again for stopping by :)!

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