Smurfs: The Lost Village Movie Review

Walking into the theatre to see “Smurfs: The Lost Village” brought a bit of nostalgia.  I watched Smurfs many Saturday mornings as a kid.  I did not remember all the details, but I did remember some basics…Smurfs are blue, there is an evil wizard that has a cat, and there was ONLY one girl Smurf.  It was nice to be reacquainted with the Smurfs (including their cute little mushroom houses), BUT the best part was the updated story line where they introduce more than one girl Smurf!

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My kids never saw a preview for this movie (we literally ran in with shin guards on from a soccer game – #momlife), so it was ALL new.  Let me help you get ahead, share the preview with your kiddos so you (and your kids) can see for yourself what kind of cuteness the Smurfs bring to the screen.

The Message

Overall the movie was cute with funny lines, but the BEST part was the great message of this movie.  Here is what I Smurfs The Lost Village Movie Reviewwalked away with:

  1. Girls are STRONG.
  2. We are more the same than different.

First, Girls are Strong.  The original Smurfs find and meet a lost village of Smurfs that are, wait for it, all girls.  The Smurfs from the Lost Village, all girls, capture the 4 Smurfs that are exploring and searching for the Lost Village.  The original Smurfs are eager to learn more about how the Lost Village lives so differently.  They learn to shoot arrows and other activities the Lost Village has mastered.  Watching, learning and doing leaves them amazed and exhausted. 

Second, we are more the same than different is an especially strong message right now.  All the division in our world currently (political, religious, socioeconomic, race, etc.) can divide us so quickly.  The Smurfs experience divisions based on where they originate (I don’t want to spoil the movie), and the way they overcome it sends a strong message.  You can’t judge people by what they look like or where they come from, and I LOVE that message.

Print some of the FREE printables below to enjoy with your kiddos after you see this cute movie with a great message :)!

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I will leave you with my favorite line from the movie, “Girl Smurfs mean business.”

Smurfs The Lost Village Movie Review

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