The Perfect Gift: Unique and Personalized Song by Songfinch

Anyone else have trouble coming up with unique gifts?  I feel like I used to be REALLY good at giving thoughtful, creative, unique gifts.  As time goes on, I find myself turning to celebrate special occasions with less things and more time.  The gift of time for yourself, friends or family can be one of the most precious things to give in this crazy, busy life.  Time together was the cornerstone of the plans for celebrating my mom’s recent milestone birthday BUT we were lucky enough to find the best gift to make it even better!

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Family fun was the center of the plan for my mom’s birthday!  We all gathered to start the day at my house for brunch (including the 5 kids under 6).  We wanted to kick off the day with good food (mimosas included), presents, and fun (with a side of chaos thanks to the kids).  I knew I had a special gift to give her that morning.  A gift that she could keep forever.  I wish I could take credit for coming up with the idea, but I cannot.

Songfinch approached me about their song writing service.  I had never heard of Songfinch, and the name intrigued me.  (My mom LOVES all birds, so maybe “finch” was a sign!)  I learned more by looking at the Songfinch website and gathering some information via email.  My biggest concern was ending up with a cheesy song, but I could not have been more WRONG! 

The process was quick and SUPER easy.  I gave some details for the song creation via an online form, including:

  1. Recipient and occasion
  2. Details about my mom (Songfinch gives some tips on what to include)
  3. Mood of the song
  4. Preference for male or female vocalist (I went with no preference)
  5. Music genre (I went with Surprise)

I entered all this info (I left a lot up to Songfinch), and I crossed my fingers.  Literally, that was it.  As promised, within 7 days I had the finished song for my mom!  The results blew me away.  The song was personal, and it had all the details captured in a beautiful musical arrangement!  The song moved my mom to tears!  It was a great way to give her a gift that represents who she is for such a special birthday, and she will get to keep it forever!  Listen to the song online here (plus you get to read the lyrics)!

I hope you loved it as much as we did…now go create your own using the coupon code DOINGMYBEST20 to get $20 off!  This is a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, birth of a new baby, family celebrations, any big life changes! You can listen to my mom’s song, Pure Gold, right here on the blog too.

Pure Gold

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